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Robbie Myers

George does a great job explaining details and is generous with his knowledge, which makes one feel comfortable with the process. His vast experience in the field of long term care is very helpful.

Marcia and Ron

I can highly recommend George Braddock for anyone interested in either investigating or applying for Long Term Care Insurance. My company offered Long Term Care as part of a employee benefits package, and George was extremely patient and customer focused as he explained the options. He went through each step of the application process with patience and care. His primary concern was our understanding of the options, not whether he "sold" us insurance. For any Long Term Care insurance products I believe George will look out for your best interest, and give you honest, direct and outstanding service.

Gary Christensen

I'm new to the whole idea of Long Term Care. George did a great job explaining this insurance in a way that was very easy and helpful to understand. He had great answers for all my questions and was very patient with my wife and I as we took necessary time to consider how LTC would fit into our life style now and in the years still to come. George knows his stuff and I felt confident that George was interested in our needs and not just laying the groundwork to make a sale.


George, thank you for your direct, simple and well thought out explanation on long term care planning!


I thought that I was too young to be planning for long term care at age 52, but my financial advisor said that single women were at a higher risk, so she put me in touch with George; George was wonderful! He made sure that I understood how the policies worked, and even explained that I might not need as much coverage as I was asking for. I was able to look at his quoting software to find the best company for my needs. I am grateful to my financial advisor for putting me in touch with someone so knowledgeable and sincere.

Janine Tate

George, I wanted you to know that it is a pleasure to be your Partner at LTCFP. You are very knowledgeable and helpful. It is an honor to call you "Partner"!

Chris Ruffa

I personally, and professionally, want to thank you for taking the time with Jane and me to explain our LTC options through your company. There certainly is a lot to go over, comprehend and decide on. Your thoroughness and detailed explanations on each item has certainly helped us to understand each of the many options related to LTC...So, thank you very much for a job so well done. We appreciate your time, and the opportunity to do business with you and the company(s) you represent.

Dwight & Zannie Moss

Not a single question unanswered. George gave an extremely thorough presentation to us on a topic on which we just were not well informed. We are now! We love the no pressure approach.

Marti Bartlett

I have never purchased anything like insurance over the internet from someone I had never met. George Braddock was great. He walked me through all of the steps involved, patiently answered all of my questions, eliminated my concerns and provided the information I needed to make an informed decision. To date, the results are so far so good. I haven't had any reason to use the insurance yet or any complaints with the insurance and only cudos for George. You can't go wrong with George.

Elly du Pre

I have worked with George in bringing quality LTC coverage to our staff. He is completely knowledgeable on the topic and most important he is a person who really knows how to put everyone at ease talking about a difficult subject. I highly recommend him.

Paula Casserino

I was interested in purchasing a policy for Long Term Care insurance. I put a request online for information and George was the first to contact me. We worked together over the phone and by e-mail. He sent me information and we discussed different avenues. Because of my medical history, not all companies would accept me. But George kept working until he found the right solution for me. I highly recommend working with George for your long term care needs. He is customer friendly, responsive and cares about his customer needs. Thank you George!

Richard & Joan O'Donnell

Thanks for your assistance in obtaining our LTC policies. We had alot of questions and were quite apprehensive .You were able to answer our questions and overcome our anxiety. You have been a pleasure to deal with.

Suzanne Lewis

Thank you, George, for working with me to find affordable LTC insurance for me and my 93 year old mother. You have been incredibly resourceful and most pleasant to deal with. I would recommend you to anyone looking for LTC insurance!

Sharen O.

I was interested in learning about long term care & began searching the Internet for more info about it. It was very confusing so when I happened on the website of George Braddock, long term care specialist it seemed exactly what I needed. A specialist to walk me through the confusion of all the options available. George knows about the ins & outs of many long term care policies, the pros & cons of each one. He was helpful & knowledgeable through the entire process of finding the right plan for myself. He has been a great resource for any questions or concerns. I'm pleased with the long term care policy I selected with his assistance & very glad to have found his website that day. We were in close contact via phone & email which made it very convenient & comfortable making these decisions in the comfort of my own home .

Mark Sandler

George was very informative and helpful to my wife and me.
I'm new to the whole idea of Long Term Care. George did a great job explaining this insurance in a way that was very easy and helpful to understand. He had great answers for all my questions and… Read More

Gary Christensen

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